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The Complete Package For Business Software: a review of data rooms


Data rooms are designed to simplify the interaction between contractors and specialists in the company at all levels, regardless of the scaling model. This article will review the best data room vendors that offer a complete package of reliable business software. 

How to transform business with data room software?

What is needed for the stable and successful operation of the enterprise? Competent, skillful, and responsible employees alone are not enough. Maybe the secret is in a good leader. Of course, proper leadership is a very important factor. But many organizations suffer from poorly configured hardware and software. No matter how smart the employees are and how wonderfully the boss leads them, they will not be able to succeed without reliable business software. 

The use of virtual data rooms in organizations of medium and large size has become widespread, showed a study conducted in 2019 by the Docflow information and analytical service. At the same time, on the one hand, these digital solutions claim to be an interface to the main information resources and an integrating principle. On the other hand, modern companies are not inclined to overestimate their importance for corporate management. Nevertheless, experts consider the digital data room to go beyond the traditional framework of document management support as one of the most important trends in the development of electronic document management in terms of its impact on the efficiency and manageability of organizations, along with mobility and cloudiness.

The classic algorithms for working with documents have not changed much. It is coordination, approval, instructions creation, execution verification, etc. But with virtual data room, companies get more capabilities. If we make a review of data rooms, we will conclude that the most common reasons to transfer your business online are:

  • First, a modern data room provides employees quick access to a document from anywhere and from any device.
  • Secondly, to ensure flexibility and efficiency, companies use the possibility of collaborating on documents: make changes to one document or table in parallel with several specialists right in the browser and, if necessary, discuss the changes with colleagues on the go via chat audio or video.
  • Thirdly, companies pay special attention to security. Features such as two-factor authentication and the ability to encrypt documents and restrict access to them for different groups of users are becoming basic requirements for large corporations.

Data room: mobility for all

The data room is an opportunity to bring information to the addressee when the system works with documents and almost all data types. The most popular data room providers across industries are:

  • Digify
  • Intralinks
  • iDeals
  • Ansarada
  • Datasite
  • SecureDocs
  • Firmex
  • Onehub
  • ShareVault
  • Merill.

Such an important trend in virtual collaboration as corporate mobility should also be mentioned. You won’t surprise anyone with a mobile client for a long time, and almost every business software has them. But if such applications were in demand mainly by the top and middle managers, today, ordinary employees also need them. Clearly, the boss and the subordinate have different tasks and approaches to working with documents.

 On the one hand, for the full-fledged work of a wide range of employees, it is necessary to increase the functionality up to the implementation of all the necessary functions available in the desktop version and the web client. On the other hand, there is no need to overload the interface, and the application should remain intuitive and simple for users of various levels of training.