Offline Document Management Software

Free Offline Document Management Software Overview


The key to a successful business is organizing data management so that the entire organization runs like clockwork. We have prepared the top services for managing document workflow in an enterprise.

How does the document management software work?

Competent work with official documents is an important task for the efficiency of any company. Automating office work and accounting with the help of modern technologies will allow you to safely store all financial and information materials, plan the production process, and organize all the actions necessary for the company’s life. Therefore, offline document management software plays an important role here. 

Such a program for office work and document management facilitates and speeds up the work and storage of papers and eliminates many routine tasks. With it, you can systematize papers, bring them to a single standard and reduce the number of errors that lead to the imposition of fines during inspections or problems with partners of the organization and superiors.

The best free alternatives of document management software

Free offline document management software solutions are either open-source solutions or free versions of commercial solutions with limited functionality. So, we have determined several of the most popular free solutions to manage your document efficiently:

  • Google Drive is the basis for electronic document management – creating a document management system and business processes, including basic technologies and objects designed to store information, access it and provide the user with a convenient interface for work.
  • Notion is an electronic document management system that manages correspondence, contracts, meetings, purchases, and other documents or tasks and automates related processes. Solutions based on the platform facilitate information management and control of organizational processes.
  • Dropbox Business is a cloud solution for document management and employee interaction. The service’s functionality includes all the necessary tools for implementing specific tasks within the business workflow: document and interaction management, record keeping, and contract work. The solution is optimal for automating the processes of medium-sized companies or individual divisions of large enterprises with a connection of 50-200 users.
  • DocSpace is a set of ready-made configurations for automating standard electronic document management processes, a flexible tool for quickly automating various techniques based on the solution of the world ECM leader. The system is suitable for customers using Microsoft software products, has a transparent cost and predictable launch dates, and is easily customizable by the client’s IT specialists.
  • Bitrix24 will help organize joint remote work with documents and tasks effectively, interact with contractors, speed up business processes, and increase transparency and controllability.
  • PayDox, instead of a free personal version, offers a free team version of PayDox Team. It is a full-featured version of the PayDox system, which allows 5 authorized users to work with the design, including those with system administrator rights. It also grants the right to work in the system for an unlimited number of users to view public documents, view general business processes of the enterprise, perform with the corporate file archive, participate in corporate discussions, create tasks for other employees and receive assignments from other employees.

It also should be mentioned that if you have never used office and workflow programs before, install any system for free to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. Remember that complex software may be incomprehensible to other users, so they will not be able to work with it. Choose light and simple programs that are suitable for solving specific problems.