Papermerge DMS

Papermerge DMS Pros and Cons


Electronic document management is increasingly being introduced into large and small businesses and government agencies. The transition from a manual mode of working with documents to electronic and automated is practiced everywhere today. In this article, we will investigate what Papermerge DMS is, its main advantages, and find out if it has disadvantages.

Papermerge software: manage your documents easily

Nowadays, electronic document management absorbs more and more spheres. And those who do not accept this reality not only deprive themselves of the benefits of digital solutions but also miss out on the economic benefits from processes, transactions, and operations that are only possible with electronic document management software (DMS). Papermerge is one such innovative solution. 

Papermerge is a free, open-source document management system that lets you scan, index, and search your documents more efficiently. With its modern interface and features like tags, hierarchical folders, and automation, Papermerge helps you keep your documents organized and easy to find. A powerful DMS enables you to scan and digitize files instantly. It also allows you to send a single file in multiple formats with password-protected links and easily categorize and find files.

The program allows you to organize your work with documents by using templates, maintaining relationships between documents, entering additional structured information, and managing searches by keywords and user information for the document.

The system provides tools for:

  • formation of the directory structure;
  • creating documents based on templates;
  • creating user directories reduces the time of determining additional information to the file;
  • storage of any additional information important for you to the file;
  • search for all information in the document;
  • formation of notes and reminders;
  • output of the register of documents in electronic form;
  • maintaining the history of work with each of the documents;
  • organizing the relationship between documents of various types and displaying them in the form of an organizational chart.

What can a full transition to Papermerge give?

Using Papermerge open-source software solution involves the following benefits:

  • Serious cash savings, especially against the backdrop of rising prices for paper, printing and copying equipment, consumables, and postal and courier services. Such expenses can be completely eliminated, and with a gradual transition to DMS, they can be gradually reduced.
  • Increasing the speed of sending and receiving documents. As part of the DMS, documents are sent and received by the addressee almost instantly. The risk of delay in submitting papers to government departments, courts, and counterparties disappears. At the same time, if necessary, the DMS operator can provide information on the date and time of sending and receiving documents to confirm their obligations’ fulfillment on time.
  • Obtaining new business opportunities through participation in government auctions and commercial tenders and concluding transactions with counterparties who have already switched to DMS.
  • No expenses for organizing the archive of paper documents, eliminating the risk of loss or damage to documents.
  • Reducing legal costs. Covid restrictions have yet to be completely abolished when sending correspondence by registered mail with a notification, and an inventory of attachments is significant for those who often have to sue. Any documents can be sent to the courts electronically, including written evidence.
  • Automation of many processes related to the formation and sending of documents. It means minimizing the costs and losses associated with the human factor or, for example, emergencies.